How it works.

Online business is great. It creates a cheaper way for surfers to buy products and for the reseller to supply kites.

Why only to England?

Several larger British resellers are offering lower prices for customers outside their countries then their own, local, customers can enjoy. This takes advantage of our great European open trade at the cost of the local surfers as well as the resellers in the country where the goods are delivered.

What we are doing

With a large volume reseller contract with the Swedish Ozone distributor we can now offer the exact same prices for English customers as the English webshops offer Swedish customers. Expect brand spanking new products with minimal 15% discount, but often up to 25%.

Delivery times

To keep the prices this low we use the Swedish distributors warehouse, but that means that some orders may be fulfilled from delivery from Ozone factory. To play it safe, always expect about 4-5 weeks delivery time!